Perfect Money is a global Internet account and an internet bank. The bank also has a Persian language and it is very easy to work with. The bank has four types of accounts: Dollars, Euros, Golds and Bitcoins, whose conversion to your each of these currencies can be done in your account. Perfect Money was launched in 2007 and registered in Panama.

By making this account, you can get your dollar earnings from various sites that work with the bank, as well as make your purchases on the Internet from stores that have a paid payment port.

New Account perfect money
Learn to register and create an account at Perfect Money

This Internet account is the same as WebMoney from sites that have not yet been subject to Iranian sanctions laws and are of great popularity in our country. Persian language is the only translator available on this site and several Iranian websites as exchanger of this money It has been introduced on its site. It is also a beautiful logo from Iran in the Persian page of this site.

According to electronic money experts (non-Iranians), the company’s registration rules and the country where Perfect Money is filed, Perfect Money has become a high-risk electronics currency.
Unlike UKash, Cashu, WebMoney, OneCard, PayPal and WallieCard, it does not operate in accordance with European Financial Law and has the right to use the stock of users. In other words, the company can invest with the money of its users. The possibility that other e-money mentioned therein is not available; Perfect Money has a high risk factor for depositing.

  • Failure to accept Perfect Money as a method of payment in many of the major online stores can be evidence of this claim.
  • But it seems to me that the risk of using this account is much lower for us than for PayPal and Pisa.
  • The lack of easy access by Iranians to credit card and other cybercurrency money has led to our increasing use of electronic money, and the Kolbe-Designer.iR site in this article and other articles will try to provide training in the construction of a variety of international accounts.
  • We recommend Perfect Money for money transfer or small Internet purchases if you do not have a better alternative.
  • Also, the Perfect Mani site pays 4% annually for each account.

Important Notes on Perfect Money

  • Perfect Money has not imposed any sanctions on Iranians and has enjoyed high popularity in our country.
  • The translator available on this site is in Persian.
  • Several Iranian websites have been introduced as an XCHANGER on Perfect Money website.
  • Perfect Money makes an annual profit of 4% per account. This is due to the investment that the bank makes using available deposits.
  • The transfer fee from one account to another, depending on the account type, is between 0.5% and 99.99% (at least $ 0.01), which is reduced from the sender.

Learn to register and create an account at Perfect Money

Opening Perfect Money account

You must login to the Perfect Mani site before entering any IP address other than the United States.

For this you will be able to use European IPs or Internet VPNs.

First, to sign up for Perfect Money or click on the photo below to login to the Perfect Money Manage account opening section.

ایجاد حساب بین المللی پرفکت مانی | Perfect Money

Clicking on the link above will open a form like the one below.

New Account perfect money

By clicking SignUp in the top menu, you will see the image below

New Account perfect money

Complete the form according to the numbers and descriptions below.

1- In this section, specify a name for your account.

2. Enter your full name. (You can enter your profile, such as your name, city and address in English or Persian.)

3. Enter the name of the city where you live.

4. Write your address.

Select the country from the list. (Perfect Mani has no restrictions on Iranians.)

6. Enter the zip code.

7. Enter your email address accurately. This email will be sent to your Member ID.

8. Write your phone number.

9. Select Account Type.

10. Define your passcode. (More than 6 characters and a combination of letters and numbers.)

11. Re-enter your password.

12. Enter the random number inside the image.

13. Check the “I agree with terms and conditions” option.

Finally, by clicking on “Register” your registration will be completed and you will receive a Perfect Money account.

After the Perfect Money account is opened, a number will be sent to your email as the Member ID, which will be your username and you will need to use this code when you login. So, refer to your email and write your Member ID.

Now, to login to your account, select “Login” from the top menu of the site and login to your Perfect Money account using your Member ID and password.

Sign in to Perfect Mani account

  • To login to your Perfect Money account from the top menu, select “Login”.
  • New Account perfect money
  • Now, on the page shown, enter your username and password, and then select Authorize.
  • New Account perfect money
  • After entering the correct information, you can enter your Perfect Money Wallets and simply perform your financial operations. In this section, you can use the features that your account type offers and make your financial transactions using Perfect Money.

Introducing important sections of Perfect Money account

First, you need to get acquainted with Perfect Money account number. You can use this account number to transfer and receive money.

After you log in to your account, you will see a picture like this below

New Account perfect money

In the picture above, you see the top-down, gold, dollar, euro and bitcoin numbers, respectively. In front of each account, you will see the amount in the account. In the image, the dollar account and the amount in it are marked with red lines.

Send Money

You can transfer funds between Perfect Money accounts in this section.


You can see your bills in this section.


To view your latest transactions, visit this section.


In this section you can edit your account settings and personal information.


Click Logout to exit the account.

Available methods for withdrawing money from Perfect Money account

1- By making an e-voucher charging card

2- It is possible to request the transfer of Perfect Money to an interconnected bank account (this transfer takes place between three to five working days).

3- Ability to convert Perfect Money inventory to other currency exchange.

4. Transferring funds between Perfect Money accounts.

* By searching on Google, there are many Iranian online and offline online exchanges that sell and pay for Perfect Money accounts.

– If you intend to buy and sell Perfect Money at the right rate, you can do the following with us:

Telegram: @tt_admin

WhatsApp: +989377315793

E-Mail: [email protected]

* According to the laws of the judiciary and the FATA Police, for any sale or purchase, you must submit a picture of the same name with your bank account number or bank account number that you will be depositing from that account or we will deposit the amount you have deposited with.

Please keep this in mind

Use tutorials e-voucher

Via e-voucher, or the same Perfect Money Transfer Card, you can pay directly to full-money receivers without pay. Or purchase from your account with a coupon, then pay with your account, then transfer your funds or pay with your account.

To charge your account via e-voucher, click on the “Deposit” main menu and select “e-voucher”. On the screen, enter the charge card number and activation code. Your account will be charged at the moment.

How to account for Perfect Money account

Before we go to the Perfect Money account, it’s better to answer the question, why should we make your Perfect Money account? And what is the need for a Perfect Money manifest?

As you know, Perfect Money does not have any restrictions on unverified accounts. The only benefit that the accounts of the orifices are to unaudited accounts is the amount of money that will be reduced in each transfer from the sender. In this way, if your account is verified and you want to transfer money from your account, you will pay a fee of 0.1% instead of paying 1.99%.

Why pay for Perfect Money account

So if you’re spending a lot with your Perfect Money account, it’s best to pay your money now and pay less.

How to account for Perfect Money account

For account wirings, after entering your account in Perfect Manee, select the “Settings” option from the top menu and then, under the image below, click “Verification management” in the “Account Verification” section.

New Account perfect money

You must complete 3 steps to complete the complete Perfect Money account. According to the picture and description below, you can simply add your account.

New Account perfect money

Firt Stage: Name Validation

In the first step, you need to scan your passport or official translation of your driving license or national card, and then upload as per the image above. You can also take a photo of your own documents with a quality picture.

The best and most secure way to translate documents is to translate your documents to official translators.

Also keep in mind that the specifications specified in your Perfect Money Profile match with the sent scan and be the same in all respects.

After confirmation, the scan will be notified to you by email, and then you can go to the next step.

second stage:Address Validation

In the second step, you need to send the official bill of water, electricity, telephone or mobile bill.

Just note that the address on the bills is exactly the same as the address stated in your full payment profile, and your bill has a new date and it will not be more than 3 months since its date, as well as the bills must be in the name of your person.

The best and most secure way to translate is to translate your bill with official journals.

After confirming the scan, you will be notified by email, and then you can go to the third step.

third level:Phone Validation

After confirming steps 1 and 2, this section is activated for you. At this point, by entering your mobile number, you will be contacted by Perfect Money and will enter the number that the operator reads to you in the box and, if it is correct, your complete payment form will be fully charged. It goes.

Enter your mobile number in the format of the country code and mobile number. (E.g. 989121234567+)

Important notes about the Perfect Money account

  • Your documents must be in English and fully in line with the information entered in your full proficiency profile. To edit your profile information, you can do the “settings” section after logging in to your Perfect Money account.
  • In some sites, the training of orphaned Perfect Manny with Persian documents is discussed. These tutorials are about the past and are no longer functional. At present, Perfect Money has become much more rigorous, and documents must be officially translated.
  • By sending a formal translation of the documents that are printed on the diploma, you can easily and without any problems you can register your account. If you do not have a water bill for your name, for example, you can ask the jury to include the name in your translation.
  • Another method most people use is to download raw documents (for example, translated water bills) on the Internet and then download them with software like Photoshop, edit them You will enter your information and the image of the diploma of the Translator. This method has a high risk and your account may be blocked. The success of a PerfectMoney account with this method depends on your ability to use image editing software and we do not recommend this way at all.

Learn to register and create an account at Perfect Money


In this article, we introduced the Perfect Money account and reviewed the features and options of this Internet account. With a checkout account you can use a lower transaction fee per transfer, but if you do not have verifica, there is no problem and no difference in the delivery of services to you by Perfect Money and you only pay more.

Also, if you have trouble signing up for any of these steps or working with this account, you can choose the language from the upper toolbar of the site and solve your problem according to the existing Persian description.

If you need help from us, you can ask your question in the comments section so we can send your response.

Read the text of this article in Persian Language on below link:

آموزش ثبت نام و ایجاد حساب در پرفکت مانی | Perfect Money