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All the training and information provided in this section and other parts of the site of the cottage design, just to inform the users and to prevent the misuse of some profitable people from the lack of information users.

This section has been created for us because of the users’ great questions and the message in the telegram, email and … and we decided to answer these frequently asked questions in a comprehensive article to ask for repetitive questions and waste of time. To avoid answering these questions, we can use our daily time to provide better service and more complete support than our good customers.

After reading the article, our users have come up with questions and our texting: @tt_admin is sending messages and asking questions, and sometimes these are duplicate questions, so we decided to answer the most commonly asked questions from site users and predict casinos. Over time, we will complete it.

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Casino Site | Frequently Asked Questions Football Forecast Site

1. What is the cost of launching a football prediction site?

This is one of the most common questions that users are asking us, and from where this question is very general, you can not reply to it.

The question is, how much does it cost to build a car? !!

Well, you do not have to pay for the car model and its features, because the difference in price of a car like Pride and Benz in power and facilities and safety.

So, designing the site, you have to tell what features are available to us so we can give you a price.

In normal mode, for ready-made products, the price starts at 800 thousand tomans up to 100 million USD and above, with full and fully automated features, live result, casino and more. It is safe and configurable and optimal and safer. … are guaranteed.

For exclusive samples, the price is completely different and is determined by any option you can use for the site, such as slider, dedicated template, live games, casino, casino games, social networks, internal and external payment portals, and bitcoin and perfect Manny and …

For a more accurate price, this item should be addressed to the person or group or company that intends to set up such a thing for you, and the cottage design is designed to comply fully with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and to launch or provide any services contrary to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Iran refuses and does

2. You can also launch a football prediction site and a casino site?

Yes, every item can be done. We design our site and template and SEO, and so on.

But due to the sensitivity of the Fatah police and the references to the soccer prediction sites and the complete compliance of our group with the rules of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the decision-making authorities, the possibility of designing the site in Iran and for the compatriots of the dear is not carried out.

3. You have to pay $ 1 million to this site, but you will see Grantar, why?

In response to these friends, we have repeatedly announced that there is nothing wrong with wisdom.

Designing a site is a specialist, and when done by non-specialists, your site will have problems, and over time, it can be more harmful for you to succeed and improve your performance and your site.

And hundreds of other things that, if I say, will need another article to write

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Casino Site | Frequently Asked Questions Football Forecast Site

4. Your prices are right, but in some places you are more likely to be priced, why?

As we mentioned in the previous section and several examples, we have to understand what the cause is.

In addition to the above, there are a lot other things like site security, server security, user security and information, your account information and transactions, support for you and your site by us, and … affecting the price.

Many friends say we do not want support and you discount the price. We also have to say in response to these friends that there is support for the most important site design tasks, because when you are working and your site is in general the user, if your site is in trouble for an hour In general, you will be losing out, this is where our support solves your problem as quickly as possible so that you get the least harm.

People who sell or download sites at low prices will support you and pay you at a glance because you see less money, but when your site encounters a problem, you will see the designer of the message and he says that the cost of fixing The problem with your site is, say, 1 million tomans, you see, Baba, you lost the site’s unavailability, and you have to pay the money to fix your site problem.

That’s why we are designing a site that is a bit higher, but instead we have one free support for our customers for one year. And whenever a customer sends a message, we’ll put it at the top of the problem, so that they will be up and running soon.

This support applies to all personal and shopping sites, … and services such as Fake and Actual Telegrams and other services provided by the cottage design.

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5- What site do you recommend for the site and what do you see us deliver?

Due to the constraints imposed on internal ports and the sensitivity to specific sites with specific content, internal sites often do not provide sites that do not have a specific routine, and most people from outside ports like Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Voucher, and … use.

You can order and deliver anything that is easier or more practical for you.

6. Can we order the site only and advertise yourself or another group?

Yes, everything you order can be done, and you can work with people, companies or other groups for advertising and more, and there is nothing to do about it.

7. What is the difference between the prices for sites you say?

Some friends say why you get a site, you get 800 thousand dollars and another site 100 million tomans.

Well, the answer is quite characteristic, and its price difference is due to the features and code optimality, the lightness and standardization of the site’s coding, and so on.

Website design like 1xbet Xbox One

8- We want a site like a single or idiot XBET 1XBET, how much does it cost?

The Xbox One is one of the world’s largest and smallest foresight sites, serving as a big company and having more than hundreds of agencies in the world, and thousands of subscribers to this site do their work in percentage terms. .

Setting up such a site is not feasible for a person in Iran, not elsewhere in the world, and it costs a lot of money, which, given the current exchange rate on the date of writing the article, requires $ 1 billion for such a site.

Like a single site, different individuals with similar names that differ from each other’s features and do not check the site for review, do not estimate the price or comment, and this depends on your designer, and because the cottage group design such services in Iran and According to the laws of the Islamic Republic can not launch and deliver to the countrymen, it does not cost.

But the most famous site with the name of the single-bet is a full site, he said that launching a site with those features and games (more than 30 sports) and 10 games for casino will cost about 150 million USD, which is the case It’s up to your designer to ask what to ask.

Because the cottage team does not design the possibility of designing such sites for Iranian users, we are offering all sorts of prices and the prices are limited and customary.

The rest of the user questions are overwritten in this section and completed

The price of the site predicts single and X van ides

If you have questions about the design of the site and the services provided in the design cottage above, you can contact us:

Telegram: @tt_admin

Email: KDhost [@] Yahoo [.] Com

WhatsApp: 09377315793

Contact through our contact form at the top of the site

This article is for the sole purpose of informing the users on the site in a manner that is inconsistent with the rules governing the Internet in the country by the FATA Police, and, among other things, preventing the use of those who use this method and the various methods of deception and misuse of users. Action.

Because the more Iranian users have more information, they will be better able to operate in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Fatah and to prevent the misuse and fraud of different people.

* Site and cottage design in Iran and in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and refuses to design, set up and provide any services that are outside the laws of the country and is unaware.

– Due to the large number of user inquiries regarding the design of the site, it is announced that the cottage site is designed in Iran and based on national laws and does not design and set up a site for predicting football and casino, and for this case You can contact the following phone numbers and telegrams:

WhatsApp: + 98-9377315793

Telegram: @tt_Admin

* It is necessary to recall that any provision of services for non-Iranian laws and similar sites prohibited in Iran is not feasible for Iranian users. If you contact the above-mentioned contact numbers in this case, the design cottage group Iran will not be held liable in this regard, and in order to prevent any abuses committed in this regard, the Calling Group Canada Call Center has announced that it will reduce the frequency of questioning by email and telephone in Iran and will be responsible for all matters. The user will be asking and the consequences Responsibility each case with your fellow users.

Casino Site | Frequently Asked Questions Football Forecast Site