Designing Soccer Forecast

The warming up of sports events, including domestic and foreign football. Welcome to the design of the Soccer Prediction website has recently grown significantly and many users have come to these types of sites, and as a result, people who are specialized in a game, intend to manage one The design of the football prediction site is also steadily increasing. Designing a football prediction site is not easy due to the code and the special facilities for which it should be written and requires a lot of expertise and experience. Football prediction design has been successful in many cases in Iran, for example, the site Node and Sports have 3 pages to predict the results but naturally their philosophy is news.

Designing Soccer Forecast
Soccer Prediction Football Design | Buy Soccer Predictions | Predict Site

“Feta Police Site”: Over the past two years, sites that have been betting on the results of domestic and foreign football leagues have increased dramatically. For this purpose, we provide an analysis of the type of performance and deception and fraud of users of these sites.

Accordingly, it is stated in this passage that the site and cottage design is completely designed in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and in accordance with the rules and orders of the Feta Police (Security Police of the Information Exchange in Iran) and to perform and provide any design and maintenance of the site Which is outside of these rules.

How these sites work:
These sites, which claim to pay millions of prizes to the winners by betting the results of the soccer league, are on their site registering as part of the registration, and people are willing to participate in predicting results after completing and sending information in The registration section of the site is required to purchase special forms, each of these forms being sold at a specified amount, and individuals enter and submit the potential results in the relevant form before the start of the tournament.
You can see an example of these forms in the image below.

After submitting the form and identifying the outcome of the tournament, the claims of these sites to the top three that have the most accurate prediction and highest score are in cash draw awards, usually between $ 1 million and $ 10 million , Pay. In external examples, the activity of these sites is through financial intermediaries and pouring money into these sites. This move, due to the very low chance of winning individuals, leads to the withdrawal of foreign currency from the country.

It is important to note that all the bonus amounts are due to the aggregation of the money paid by other participants (losers of the forecast) who have paid it at the time of the preparation of the form. This type of prediction, along with the lottery used to pay awards from the money of other participants, is an obvious example of gambling, and according to religious scholars, it is void and forbidden.

Regardless of the unlawfulness of this type of activity, many sites have been launched over the past two years, some of which, after 1 week from launch and fund raising, have, on various excuses, made their site Shut down, and siphoned huge sums of money. It is necessary to know that some of these sites claim that about 20% of the money collected from people is spent on the charity.

By examining the research conducted on these sites for several months on these sites, the result is that, in some cases, hundreds of millions of dollars are paid to the owners of these sites in a matter of weeks. While less than 8% for the prize is paid to those who are accurately anticipating the results. Also, according to the research, many of these sites have changed the results for profit by manipulating the form of prediction of results and how to score the participants.

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Site prediction
Generally, the losses incurred by the activities performed on these sites:
• Paying money under the title of the prize through the money of people who predict the results incorrectly will be considered winners of a gambling prediction, and this is the biggest moral hazard for the participants on this site.
• All of these sites are illegally operating and do not have any specific fixed address and address. Therefore, participants in these sites will not be able to track their lost assets regarding the closing of the site.
• Due to the growing variety of such sites in the country, the field is provided for fraudsters and profits, and many of them, as these sites seek to obtain personal information and account numbers of users.
• Deception and fraud The operators of these sites, with increasing advertising, cause material losses to those participating in these sites.
• As outlined above, this will trigger the withdrawal of foreign currency from foreign sites that are active in predicting football matches.
• Experience from Western countries shows that some sports players and referees are affected by such sites and their seductive suggestions and are deliberately acting to change the outcome of the game and the movement of these sites somehow Leads to the elimination of fair play and morality in sport.
“Iranian Cyber ​​police”

Website Design Football Forecast

Users must have facilities in the design of the website for predicting football. For example, they can predict the outcome or predict the details of the game. Viewing other user predictions in the design of the football prediction site is an important feature that should be displayed in graphs and statistics. Therefore, website designing a football forecast can include the most up-to-date forecasts, including the prediction of the number of replacements, scorers and even game casualties.

The price of the design of the football prediction site

The cost of designing a football prediction site varies according to the features and capabilities that the administrator needs. Also, it can be used in the design of the site from ready-made templates and ready-made ones, or individually with the view of the employer, the code Writing that the propriety of coding in the design of a football prediction site is that every time your site needs to be developed and expanded, you can infinitely change at the lowest cost. So there are many criteria that can change the cost of designing a football prediction site and affect it. Naturally, given the nature of the site’s design, there are a lot more possibilities and possibilities in the design of the football prediction site, providing a more user-friendly environment for users, attracting higher traffic to the site, and a better result. You will get

Forecast design
Selling Soccer Forecast Site

The variety of monetization practices on the Internet and the design of the site is wider and more innovative and new methods are invented. Of course, site design and sales of football prediction sites in the world are not new and have long been popular sites in the field. The site has been booming in Iran over the past two years, and these sites have been generating revenue for themselves and users through football matches. In recent months, whisperings from various media about the sensitivity of Feta Police to these sites have also raised concerns that we will continue to address.

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How to operate and sell Soccer Forecast

In the case of detecting sites that are scammed with the name of the site’s sales site, there are naturally different ways to identify these types of sites. Independent domestic sites like the Ninety-Third and Sports 3 sites are sites that, without providing specific services, have started creating a section called “Football Forecast Forecast”.

Soccer Prediction Football Design | Buy Soccer Predictions | Predict Site

Soccer Predictable Sales Features

In the sale of football forecasting site, various features and features can be used, the most important of which is the ability to predict the results at any moment from the time of play and the multilinguality of the site, as well as placing other and non-football sections on the site. As well as the ability to create proprietary profiles in the design of football prediction site for users and provide accurate statistics to users and the site administrator. Also, the admin panel for the design of the football prediction site is in such a way that it can be managed in the simplest way, and each person has a full board of management with a few hours.

Designing Soccer Forecast

Designing a football prediction site for people who are interested in football and can provide football fans with a football environment. Designing a soccer site in your menus and sub-menus can provide an environment for posting comments and comments from users. The design of football forecasting today is defined as a “super-rich” site that is capable of getting people’s opinion and ideas about the outcome of soccer.

Site prediction
Website Design Football Forecast

The website design of football lists a list of football games and then gives users the opportunity to predict the outcome of the game, and then, if they are correct, they will be charged and, if they make a mistake, guess the result of the game. Will lose a lot. The design of the football website is associated with a lot of excitement for football fans, which brings traffic to the design of football prediction.

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Soccer Prediction Football Design | Buy Soccer Predictions | Predict Site
Features in the design of the football site

In the design of the football site, it will be able to display a list of games and will also allow users to accept and accept comments. Designing a football prediction site can be a great site for the website owner, which is based on the traffic interface available on the site.

A prediction website for the tournament results should have certain characteristics, the most important of which are:

Exquisite and beautifully designed graphics tailored to the space of the tournament
Ability to recruit and provide user panels to users
Ability to categorize users according to their interests in the company in the predictions
Possibility to put up various sports tournament tables
Possibility to put live results of the tournament
Possibility to define competitions individually and collectively
Possibility to increase inventory in users’ panels
Ability to make payments through secure payment portals
Possibility to send tournament notifications via email and SMS
Possibility to place a part for the latest news and announcements
Possibility to receive user comments by placing test modules
Ability to ask and answer users in web design
The ability to view and track the outcome of the race is in the pipeline
Possibility to comment in the competition section is being held
Ability to manage and report user transactions in the user panel
Ability to search the website and among various competitions
Ability to communicate between users and send messages to each other
Support for users and tips for using the website
Payable immediately after winning in the form of user account
Ability to conduct fast and automatic settlements

Therefore, by designing the prediction of the results of the tournament, it is possible to create a mechanism for individuals to be able to enjoy the various prizes along with enjoyment and enjoyment of the prizes.

The technical requirements of a website for the prediction of the results of the tournament

Apart from all the features mentioned as part of the website’s structure, the prediction of the results of the tournament, a website for predicting matches to succeed on the Internet, should also follow the principles and rules of the Internet. These principles and rules are quite technical and are not visible on the site, but their results are certainly impressive on the performance of the website.

More importantly, the features that a website needs to have predicted match results is full. Your website must be well-known, so that all people are aware of it, they will join and participate in the predictions. One of the most important things to do is to optimize the website for search engines.

By doing this, when you search for a phrase like “predicting match results …”, your website will appear on the front page of Google and above other competitors. Another important issue is the security of your website. Your website needs to have a good security mechanism, as the sensitive financial information of users and the amount of money won are kept. Therefore, users should not simply be able to change these values.

Also, your website should always be available. Therefore, for a website to predict the results of professional events, it is necessary to consider the design elements and principles. Due to the technical nature and specialty of these items, it is suggested that you use an expert skilled designer to design your website.

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This article is for the sole purpose of informing the users on the site in a manner that is inconsistent with the rules governing the Internet in the country by the FATA Police, and, among other things, preventing the use of those who use this method and the various methods of deception and misuse of users. Action.

Because the more Iranian users have more information, they will be better able to operate in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Fatah and to prevent the misuse and fraud of different people.

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